eBook - 100 Essential Phrasal Verbs

You're just one step away from mastering phrasal verbs. 🚀

This eBook is your key to understanding and using phrasal verbs like a native speaker. Whether you're learning English for school, work, or just for fun, these 200 essential phrasal verbs are designed to boost your fluency.

What's Inside?

  • 📘 200 Must-Know Phrasal Verbs: These are the verbs you'll hear in everyday conversations, movies, and books. We've picked them carefully to make sure they're useful and relevant.
  • ✏️ 60 Practical Exercises: Practice makes perfect! Test your understanding and reinforce your learning with a variety of exercises. Get ready to see your confidence soar.
  • 🤓 Clear, Simple Explanations: No complicated jargon here. We've kept everything easy to understand, so you can focus on learning.




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